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“The only outpatient diagnostics facility where you can get radiology and Lab results on the same day. STAT results are also available.” 

This breakthrough approach to diagnostics is powered by our Collaboration Partners approach with physicians, healthcare providers, and our affiliated Diagnostics (radiology) and Laboratories units, which will give access to this integrated network across the community.

You and your patients now have access to highly reliable diagnostics results with fast access to testing, same day results, and affordable diagnostics costs.

You will be able to diagnose more quickly and enhance the services and treatment you can provide to your patients. And the specialists that you recommend, and request will also immediately receive the test results to support your patient’s needs.

Contact us if we can answer any questions about our capabilities or help your patients with an appointment.


What you need to know

With the new guidelines and requirements in place, patients must receive test results as quickly as they are available. Fines will be imposed for instances of ‘information blocking’. SYNC helps you meet that requirement easily without an extra burden on your staff.

When your patient registers with us for their testing, they will also have access to our Patient Portal, which will notify them as soon as results are available and link them to the results. We’ll also provide reference resources designed for patient, helping them interpret normal in-range results. For out-of-range results, we reinforce the importance of speaking directly with their PCP or referring physician for a complete understanding.

To read more, here are additional references for you regarding the CARES act:

Insurance Premiums Set to Rise in 2024

What you need to know

Health insurance through your workplace could be much more expensive next year.

Costs for employer-sponsored health plans in 2024 are expected to jump over 6%, according to new data from consulting firms Mercer and Willis Towers Watson (abbreviated WTW). As the Wall Street Journal first reported, that would amount to the largest price increase for employer health plans in about a decade.

Mercer’s survey, released Thursday, found that health plan costs could jump by 6.6% next year, assuming employers made no cost-cutting changes to their current plans. And even if they do take steps to cut costs, the increase is expected to be 5.4% on average. Similarly, in preliminary survey results shared with Money, WTW found that health insurance costs are expected to rise between 6% and 6.4%.

Why Calcium Score

What you need to know

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SYNC benefits to Healthcare Providers.

All our radiology interpretations will typically be completed within hours of test completion. Our affiliate, SYNC Laboratories, offers comprehensive in-house lab equipment that enables us to have all crucial labs typically within two hours.
For our radiology and affiliated laboratory results, we offer a STAT option for Collaboration Partners to get STAT results back in 90 minutes or less, an option rarely available to physicians in the current medical environment.
Gives you access to concierge-style diagnostics services for your patients. Radiology and Laboratory testing, in one convenient location. Physicians and affiliated Providers can also offer those same outstanding benefits to their family members and employees.
Routine non-emergent diagnostic findings will be available via a portal to view at the ordering physician/affiliated provider’s discretion. For patients with abnormal results requiring urgent/emergent attention, our medical team will follow preplanned protocols that will expedite the disposition of the patient and or consultant with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.
With easy, fast, and reliable medical diagnostics, patients and medical providers finally have another alternative to the conventional time consuming, expensive, and stressful local Emergency Rooms. You can take 100% control of the tests your patients get and not worry if abnormal studies are determined, even after office hours.
Physicians will be able to diagnose and treat a broader spectrum of patients – those that in the past would have been referred directly to the ER simply for diagnostics. Examples include intense abdominal/back pain, pleuritic chest pain, sudden headaches, etc. All this will increase your patient satisfaction, loyalty, and word-of-mouth referrals. By managing more complex patient cases requiring advanced diagnostic testing, providers can also increase their CPT code billing and revenue.
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