Collaboration Program

Collaboration Program


We are delighted to announce that we are now actively building the SYNC Community in Panama City and the surrounding area.

The SYNC Community is designed to enable physicians, specialists, healthcare providers, and their patients to enjoy the most efficient and effective diagnostics resource available. This breakthrough approach is powered by our COLLABORATION PARTNERS PROGRAM for PHYSICIANS (and affiliated providers), which gives you access to this integrated network across the community.


As a physician and member, you and your patients will have the fastest access to highly reliable diagnostics results with low, affordable diagnostics costs. You will be able to diagnose more quickly and enhance the services and treatment you can provide to your patients. And the specialists that you recommend will immediately receive the test results to support your patient’s needs.

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Collaboration Partners Benefits

Physicians and Providers have the following benefits as Partners with SYNC:

  1. Physician Partners: Created by physicians FOR physicians and affiliated providers, SYNC is a dedicated team of professionals who care about your patients as you do. We are a focused diagnostic center. Our vision is to transform the healthcare diagnostics process so that it best serves the local physicians, affiliated providers, and their patients.
  2. STAT Services: You have the ability to offer STAT diagnostics services to your patients. Make it fast and convenient for them to receive medical diagnostics, including Radiology and Laboratory testing, all in one location! For all in-house testing we provide, in either our radiology or affiliated laboratory, STAT results are available within 90 Minutes. This option not often available to physicians in the current medical environment. Physicians and affiliated Providers can also offer those same outstanding benefits to their family members and employees.
  3. Fewer Patients to ER. With easy, fast, and reliable medical diagnostics, patients and medical providers finally have another alternative to the conventional time-consuming, expensive, and stressful local Emergency Rooms. You can take 100% control of the tests your patients get and not worry if abnormal studies are determined, even after office hours.
  4. Coordinated Medical Consultations: Routine nonemergent diagnostic findings will be available via a patient portal or by electronic communications to view at the ordering physician/affiliated provider’s discretion. For patients with abnormal results requiring urgent/emergent attention, our medical team will follow preplanned protocols that will expedite the disposition of the patient and or consultant with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.
  5. Same-day scheduling and results: All of our radiology interpretations will typically be completed within hours of test completion. Our affiliated SYNC Laboratories have comprehensive in-house lab equipment that enables us to have all crucial labs typically within two hours. This eliminates the typical 24 – 60 hour turnaround times typical diagnostic centers offer.

6. Save Time & Money: SYNC outpatient diagnostics testing will typically be 90% less expensive than hospital Emergency Rooms, and our turnaround times are much faster. With insurance deductibles ranging from $5,000 to $7,500, we will frequently save patients several thousand dollars for the same testing they may face at the ER. The average length of stay for patients in the local ERs for blood work and advanced imaging is typically 3-6 hours – in our facility, the patient is typically tested and released in 30 – 60 minutes.

7. Increase Physician Treatment Options and Revenue: By managing more complex patient cases requiring advanced diagnostic testing, providers can increase their treatment options, CPT code billing and revenue. Additionally, physicians will be able to diagnose and treat a broader spectrum of patients – those that, in the past would have been referred directly to the ER simply for diagnostics. Examples include intense abdominal/back pain, pleuritic chest pain, sudden headaches, etc. All this will increase your patient satisfaction, loyalty, and word-of-mouth referrals for your practice as well.

8. More Patient Referrals: Increase the number of patient referrals you get along with the ability to have rapid access to results for patients referred to you. This service will expedite treatment plans and save time and money.

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